Testimonials and Endorsements

What People are Saying:

"The EDPA may appear to be an environmental protection measure but it is not. Saanich, like a number of other cities, is using environmental concern as a fig leaf for driving seniors, working people and people on fixed incomes from their homes by making it impossible to pay for basic repairs and maintenance, while doing nothing to protect the environment. Mike's strong analysis of the true motives and economics of the EDPA show us what kind of city councilor he will be: someone who looks past the propaganda to see the policy. With his values, experience and analytical chops, he is the best candidate to represent Saanich residents who care about their environment, about seniors and about the need for good public policy."

- Stuart Parker - Longest-serving leader of the BC Green Party

"As Chief of the Beecher Bay First Nation I am pleased to endorse Michael Geoghegan for election to Saanich council. Mike has an in-depth knowledge of aboriginal title and rights and as such would have a positive impact in terms of relations between local First Nations and local municipal governments. Mike also has a keen interest in promoting the economic advancement of First Nations. He has helped successfully negotiate settlement of specific land claims agreements and helped lobby for the creation of the First Nations Finance Authority, a national program modelled on the BC Municipal Finance Authority. When Saanich staff put forward a recommendation that would have scuttled the historic land swap between the Beecher Bay First Nation and the municipalities of Metchosin and Langford, Mike sprang into action. Both behind the scenes and through media such as CFAX, he helped ensure Saanich council voted 7 to 1 to support our historic agreement. The good people of Saanich will be well served by having Michael Geoghegan as a Councillor and I encourage all Saanich residents to vote for him on September 23rd."

- Chief Russ Chipps - Chief of Beecher Bay First Nation

"Helen and I wish you all the best because you get results and you have compassion for your fellow human being. I'd vote for you any day."

- Former Okanagan Chief Dan Wilson and his wife Helen Wilson

"Michael Geoghegan is a long time Saanich resident having first moved there in 1985; but from 1997 until 2003 he owned a home in Langford. During much of this time he served as a key member of Langford's planning and zoning committee where he was a consistent advocate for affordable housing and improved sports and recreational facilities."

"Mike Geoghegan is experienced in local decision making at the municipal level and was a strong advocate for fiscal responsibility and used a common-sense approach while listening to the needs of our community and over a period of six years he helped contribute to the success in Langford. As such I know he would work equally as hard for Saanich taxpayers." - Langford Mayor Stew Young

"The upcoming Saanich by election on September 23rd will provide a key test of whether or not Saanich residents have had enough; had enough in terms of shady deals, had enough in terms of tax increases and had enough in terms of a municipal government that seems to increasingly treat its residents with contempt."

"Saanich Council Watchdogs was formed in response to this malaise. In our opinion there are several candidates that we feel worthy of consideration, however as this is a by election only one can be elected. Regardless of who you support in the byelection, the need for a sea change of representation on Saanich Council is long overdue and we predict that it is likely several of the candidates running who don't win this byelection seat will in the 2018 general elections."

"After careful consideration editorial choice is Michael Geoghegan. He was the clear winner of the September 14 all candidates debate where he clearly out performed the other 9 candidates. In politics anyone can promise, the challenge is in delivering. Michael Geoghegan laid out a platform that was as straight forward and did not pull any punches. His directness we note, caused most of the other candidates to modify their online platforms in order to either try and refute or more often copy his platform."

"It demonstrates that even before the votes are tallied that Michael Geoghegan has been the leading candidate in this campaign. His outspokeness on social media created a huge public awareness of what was being contemplated it helped convince the CRD Directors to back off from sending several Directors on yet another taxpayer funded junket. #CRDEuropeanVacation."
"Geoghegan has achieved this while being a candidate for office. He will be able to accomplish far more as an elected representative in the Victoria Region. His common sense approach has earned him a diverse arrray of endorsements including Langford Mayor Stew Young, Colwood Councillor Lilja Chong, former BC Green Party Leader Stuart Parker and the BC Building Trades. Mike has engaged just about every sector of the diverse Saanich community. Cultural, political, unions, businesses, you name it, Mike has extensive reach in his support base. And that's why he will be someone who will be able to to achieve compromise and consensus on key issues locally and with other regional politicians."

"Turning things around in Saanich will be a monumental task. Michael Geoghegan is the only candidate with the qualifications, political intellect, and public persona to achieve this. His election on September 23rd will send a clear, unequivocal signal to both Saanich municpal hall and the CRD that voters have had enough of their mismanagement, waste and shenanigans."

"It is for these reasons that we endorse Michael Geoghegan as our clear first choice for election on
September 23rd." - Saanich Council Watchdogs | Link to original post